I’m so in love with the new Ghost Rider series with Robbie Reyes. But I couldn’t stop thinking about what a woman ghost rider would look like — all modern with FIRE HAIR. How cool would that be?

So here you go Marvel, in case you want to do that — I got your back. ;D


this stick figure has no face so why the fuck can I tell exactly what its feeling

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Yeah, feasting. Early Hergé cover drawings for Le Petit Vingtieme

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Canopy by Alex Buckman floats 3D printed lights in the air

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alex buckman‘s ‘canopy’ rejects the rigidity of traditional lighting systems. developed for his industrial design masters thesis at victoria university of wellington in new zealand, the project explores the notions of how LED technology and 3D printing can create an adaptable and portable network to benefit the well-being of the user and provide an interactive space. each fixture features a thin supporting structure that can be connected to any of the aluminum ports in the base depending on the needs and location of the user. this is possible through the use of lightweight and low-voltage electronics.

he bulbs are housed by 3D printed diffusers which take on organic forms made up of fractal patterns – geometries found throughout nature such as splitting crystals, splintering lungs, rivers, leaves, branches and snowflakes. these decorations have been proven to have positive psychological effects on people, as they are ingrained in the evolution of the human race. thus, buckman says, ‘it was important that this lighting system benefited the user both in functionality and general wellbeing to provoke the idea of how we design objects for interior spaces in the future.’

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Home Alone (1990, Comedy) Two burglars attempt to murder an abandoned 8-year-old child

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aronoff center for design and art/DAAP building, university of cincinnati (1988-96)

architect: peter eisenman

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This gives me life

How music changed from 2000-2013. 

i feel so fucking old right now…

Anyone else notice how more songs were in a minor key at the beginning of the video?


Mnunu Nimune is the pseudonym of a cyberpunk artist from Spain. He posts on Tumblr as mnunu-nimune. His work is built around a set of ten rules.

1. Only black and white.

2. 500 width 888 height.

3. Always merge Tech-Noir/Cyberpunk with Occult / Esoteric topics.

4. Just code with Processing. No PS, no AE, no C4D.

5. Work 3 hours max per piece.

6. Just post pictures. No reblogs, no text, no messages,

7. Use your own algorithms and your own classes. Your own typographies and your own languages.

8. Always include Procedural & Random elements.

9. Only use photographs made with your iPhone. No edits.

10. Publish one post a day. 18:30 Madrid time.